WHORV? That is the question. And it all started with questioning – questioning how ideas and visions are visually developed; questioning why certain messages fail to deliver while others resonate; questioning when brand Vs consumer becomes brand and consumer. WHORV is such a quest for an identity, a unique proposition, a reason of being photographic services



I conceived WHORV on one of those long introspective afternoons, ruminating over numerous coffee mugs but preoccupied with one single desire…the desire to create good work. Not the drill and routine of machine generated muck that is passed around as works of art and for which you probably cough out a fortune. You could either be unique or invisible. The viewpoint was simple: to get the right answers you first need to ask the right questions.
That viewpoint, a pencil, some paper and some more coffee…and WHORV was formed. Many things have changed since that afternoon but the quest has only grown stronger. Everything we do – web designs and digital marketing, brand identities and events, creative advertisements and interactive campaigns – we do it as a fresh challenge, a new quest. When you ask WHORV, rest assured, you will get the right answers.