When you engage with your consumers online you should be looking for much more than mere commerce and transactions. The informed and empowered netizens of today are redefining the rules of engagement. For them your brand is what they last remember of it.

At WHORV, we always believe in creating personal connections that shape perception, drive purchase behaviour and makes your brand relevant. It is not always about promotions and hard selling. Digital marketing is about creating avenues and channels of meaningful brand-consumer dialogue that fosters brand loyalty and consumer participation.

Sounds hippie but this is what we fundamentally believe in. We leverage business intelligence, creativity and digital technology to enable sustaining consumer relationships.

Social media solutions: Blogs, Facebook, Twiiter, Linked In – the social web presents multiple ‘meet the consumer’ opportunities. Are you ready to embrace the ‘social mindset’?

Search marketing solutions: Google is not merely a search engine; it is a way of life and ‘found’ is the hottest keyword. Search marketing strategy & roadmap, SEO, SMO, social media advertisements.